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11 April 2012 @ 05:49 pm
New BKV interview  
Brian K. Vaughan has a new interview up at the AV Club, and he talks about Runaways for a bit:

AVC: How does it feel, now that you’ve moved on from superhero books, seeing characters like The Hood and the Runaways continuing to be a part of the Marvel universe?

BKV: Oh, it’s great. I wish, particularly, the Runaways were more a part of it. But yeah, I knew when I created those characters what I was getting into. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a young writer who made a pretty good living off of other people’s creations. It felt only fair to sort of add new things back to the universe when I was finished with it.

AVC: Do you think Runaways would have changed if you had written it after you had children?

BKV: [Laughs.] Yes… probably? I mean, almost assuredly for the worst. But I’m happy I wrote it when I did. Because it’s very strange to have written this book that’s basically the message, “Your parents are evil.” And now I am one, so I’m much more sympathetic to the people I used to be out to get.

AVC: Are you anticipating when your kids are old enough to read your books? Are you figuring out how to deal with that right now?

BKV: [Laughs.] God help them if they want to read that stuff, but yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to handle that. But I suppose it’s right. I guess they were coded messages to my future children, telling them that daddy is evil. It’s probably true, so yeah, they better get crackin’ and read this stuff as soon as possible so they know what they’ve gotten themselves into.
personamanxpersonamanx on April 12th, 2012 10:42 pm (UTC)
Hah, well that's cool.

BKV's pretty awesome but for the longest time he kinda sounded like he was not too fond of his Marvel Creations. I think he sees the kids from "Runaways" as well as the Hood as his major contributions to the MU as a creator now, and hopes they move on to greater things. The Hood has undoubtedly (you can criticize Bendis' handling of him but he no doubt made him a major foe to the Avengers) but the "Runaways"? Not so much.

Hoping one day they get their own book back and start doing some new things again. I would hate for them to be stuck floating around in guest spots for years until Marvel decides to off them all. I would prefer Limbo to that.

Marvel should really get Nick Spencer on it. That is unless the current rumours are true.