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19 August 2012 @ 06:54 pm
fic: dear friends, you are angels and drunks | nico, victor, chase, karolina, julie  
dear friends, you are angels and drunks
marvel comics. runaways + avengers academy. 2145 words.
PG13 mostly gen fic featuring nico, victor, chase, karolina, and julie + a julie/karolina side-pairing.
It's the third time he's asked Julie which super-powered lady she'd rather screw.
cross-posted to: AO3 + tumblr.

silly, pointless crackfic about teenage superheroes being stupid. the big kids plus julie play a game of "would you rather" while staying over the west coast avengers campus one night. shenanigans are had. be warned: karolina and julie are ooey gooey girlfriends.