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The Hostel

A Runaways Fan Community

The Hostel: A Runaways Fan Community
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The Hostel
This is a community dedicated to Runaways, a comic book published by Marvel and created by writer Brian K. Vaughn. The book explores what happens when 6 kids from California discover that their socialite parents are really super-villains, and members of an evil organization known as The Pride.
1. Basic manners, please. If you wouldn't like it said to you, don't say it to someone else. :)

2. After each new issue comes out, a "spoiler buffer" will be in effect for one week. This means that all discussion about the issue must be put behind an lj-cut for at least one week. After that, you don't have to, but you can if you want to be extra nice.

3. Icons, wallpapers, and extremely long posts must also be put behind an lj-cut. Fanfic and fanart can be posted to the_leapfrog

4. Try to keep your posts on topic. A few posts about other comic related things is more than welcome. However, outside of that, let's try not to do it, okay?

5. Trolling/Spamming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. At all.


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